Intellectual Property

Questions to Consider

Consider these questions while reading this module:

  • What is intellectual property?  Why does the law protect it?
  • What rights do trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks give their owners?
  • What are trade secrets and what must a business do to protect them?
  • What are the requirements for patenting an invention? 
    • What is patent infringement? 
    • What remedies are available for infringement?
  • What "writings" can be protected by a copyright?  How?
    • Must copyrights be registered to be protected?
    • How long does copyright protection law?
    • What types of unauthorized use may be protected as "fair use?"
  • What types of marks can be trademarked?
    • What are the penalties for trademark infringement?
    • How long is a trademark protected?  Is it still protected if it's regarded as "generic?"  Why or why not?
    • How are domain names like trademarks?
  • How does the Anti-Cybersquatting Act protect domain name holders?